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Portrait/Landscape Polymagnet - Large Tablets - Tablet Side

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These Portrait/Landscape Polymagnets are specifically engineered for auto, table top or wall mount accessories for tablets. They provide a stronger attachment force as well as a unique 90 degree rotational alignment force over conventional magnets. Conventional magnets typically do not align with any level of precision when attaching to each other. However, these Polymagnets are designed to provide a high holding force when aligned and very little attractive force when out of alignment, allowing the user to rotate the device easily between locking positions. As these magnets approach alignment, they provide a positive force toward the alignment position. These Polymagnets also exhibit a tightly controlled magnetic field which minimizes interference with sensitive devices.

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SKU 1002264
Meta Description 1002264
Part number 1002264
Pairs with 1002265
Availability date Released
Base Polarity South
Magnetization orientation Through Thickness
Coating Ni-Cu-Ni
Material NdFeB
Grade N50
Temperature Rating (C) 60
Temperature Grade Standard
Shape type Ring
Thickness (inch) 0.062
Outer diameter (inch) 1.5
Inner diameter (inch) 0.75
Mass (oz) 0.3587
Thickness (mm) 1.587
Outer diameter (mm) 38.1
Inner Diameter (mm) 19.05
Mass (g) 10.17
Countersink 0
Magnet Family Torque
Alignment Functionality Rotational Alignment
Shear resistance Rotational Shear Resistance
Latch Functionality 0
Spring Functionality 0
Torque Functionality 0
Magnet Symmetry 0
Indexing Feature Keyed Hole
magnet_ring_length_range 1
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