Twist-Release Polymagnet pair - 20 degree w/detent - M4 ctsk - 1" D-shape

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1002300 is a complete set of Polymagnets designed to function as both a twist-release latch. The magnets are D-shaped as an indexing feature for alignment during assembly and to resist the torque created when the magnets are rotated with respect to each other. They also feature a countersink sized for an M4 screw for easy mounting with a minimal design gap. It contains:

  • 1001128 - Twist-Release w/detent Polymagnet A
  • 1001129 - Twist-Release w/detent Polymagnet B

The Twist-Release Polymagnets with Detent exhibit a high attract force when axially aligned, and a high repel force when rotated 20 degrees in either direction, forming a twist-release mechanism. The detent function keeps the pair in the spring (or release) position until explicitly rotated back to the latch position.

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Countersink M4
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