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Attach Polymagnet - optimized for magnetic paint

This magnet pairs with itself.



This Attach Polymagnet is designed to provide strong holding force to magnetic paint. One side of the magnet is chamfered to provide an easy way to apply leverage when removing the magnet. The chamfered side of the magnet should be placed toward the wall.

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Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 1001140
Meta Description 1001140
Part number 1001140
Pairs with 1001140
Availability date Released
Base Polarity South
Magnetization orientation Through Thickness
Coating Ni-Cu-Ni
Material NdFeB
Grade N40
Temperature Rating (C) 80
Temperature Grade Standard
Shape type Square
Length (inch) 1
Width (inch) 1
Thickness (inch) 0.063
Outer diameter (inch) No
Inner diameter (inch) No
Mass (oz) 0.285
Length (mm) 26.5
Width (mm) 25.6
Thickness (mm) 1.587
Outer diameter (mm) No
Inner Diameter (mm) No
Mass (g) 8.08
Countersink 0
Magnet Family Attach
Length fractional(inch) 1"
Alignment Functionality 0
Self Alignment No
Shear resistance 0
Latch Functionality 0
Spring Functionality 0
Torque Functionality 0
Magnet Symmetry 0
magnet_disc_od_range No
magnet_dshape_length_range No
magnet_disc_length_range No
magnet_plate_length_range 26.5
Indexing Feature 0
magnet_ring_length_range No