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Small Tablet Polymagnet pair - Twist/Release - 1.125" diameter

Small Tablet Polymagnet pair - Twist/Release - 1.125" diameter

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1002283 is a complete set of Polymagnets designed to incorporate twist/release functions in a tablet case and stand. It contains:

  • 1002207 - stand / mount side Polymagnet

  • 1002208 - tablet case side Polymagnet



Twist/Release Polymagnets are specifically engineered for auto, table top or wall mount accessories for tablets. They are engineered to provide a strong attachment/alignment force in portrait/landscape positions and a repulsion force once rotated +/- 45 degrees. To achieve this behavior, these magnets must be axially aligned. These Polymagnets also exhibit a tightly controlled magnetic field which minimizes interference with sensitive devices.

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Additional Information

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