Detent Polymagnet pair - 4 position (90 degree) - #6 CTSK - 1" D-shape

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1002294 is a complete set of Polymagnets designed with 4 detent positions, every 90 degrees. The magnets are D-shaped as an indexing feature for alignment during assembly and to resist the torque created when the magnets are rotated with respect to each other. It contains:

  • 1002222 - Detent Polymagnet, 0.125" thick with #6 countersink
  • 1002223 - Detent Polymagnet, 0.063" thick

Detent Polymagnets are engineered to possess a certain number of attract and repel positions - bumps which provide tactile feedback as the magnets are rotated. They provide a strong attract force when rotationally aligned and a detent feature as one magnet is rotated about the center while the other magnet is constrained. The attract force decreases as one magnet is rotated out of alignment while the rotational force increases. As the magnet rotates past a null point, in-between detents, the magnet is forced into the next alignment position.

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Countersink #6
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